Frequently Asked Questions about Nudism!

Got questions? Well we’ve got a few real answers you’ve been looking for!

Question 1:  Why do people choose nude recreation?
A: Nude recreation embraces the joy of living and experiencing nature in the most natural way possible. To relax and be nude is to let yourself be totally free. Although we enjoy clothing-free activities in appropriate settings, we also choose to wear clothes when practical. Nudists respect each other’s individuality. Our own self-esteem is enhanced by our ability to accept ourselves as we really are. We find it easy to accept others regardless of physical size, shape, or body condition. Moreover, social class distinctions, often indicated by clothing, disappear.Relaxation, stress relief, positive body image, and increasing self-esteem are just a few of the reasons people choose the nudist lifestyle.

Question 2:      What special preparations should I make before visiting a nudist park?
A: Generally none at all, apart from those you would normally make to go anywhere.

Question 3:      Are children likely to be shocked by their first sight of nudists?
A: No. Children are natural nudists and usually take to it with a minimum of adjustment.

Question 4:      What should I bring?
A: Bring towels, comfortable footwear, suntan lotion and sunglasses. You might also want to bring a hat, something to read, some kind of liquid refreshment and anything you would like to eat and any sporting equipment desired.

Question 5:     What is the cost?
A: That varies from park to park and generally costs less than public RV campgrounds.

Question 6:      Will I be embarrassed by my surgical scars?
A: No, you will not. Approximately one nudist in three carries some mark of surgery;
these marks make no difference at all. Ignore them because everyone else will.
Your personality will be noticed more than any scar.

Question 7:      My figure, to say the least, is less than perfect. Will I feel out of place?
A: About one figure in twenty seen at a nudist park is exemplary; the rest will be like people everywhere. Actually, a person’s physical proportions means less in nudist parks than elsewhere. Many nudists (male and female) will never take any prizes for physical beauty. Ladies who are disturbed by the thought that they might be less than ideal in this regard should put aside their concerns. The problem doesn’t exist.

Question 8:      What about periods or menstruation?
A: Menstruation is looked upon as a normal, healthy function. The wearing of shorts or the the use of tampons enables women to enjoy most of their nudist activities. It is not a subject of notice or comment. Also women should also note that they should not go in the hot tub during menstruation.

Question 9:      Are there any religious implications involved in nudism?
A: Not at all. Nudists represent all major faiths and most of the lesser ones.

Question 10:      Do men become visibly embarrassed during their visits to a nudist resort?
A: This is a personal question. The answer is “No,” because nudist parks are not sexually stimulating. Many men fear this problem but instances of such embarrassment are extremely rare.

Question 11:      May a married person visit the park without his/her spouse?
A: Family nudism is exactly that. Your first visit to a nudist park should be a shared experience.

Question 12:      Are unmarried adults eligible for membership?
A: Yes, but individual parks have their own rules. It is best to check with them.

Question 13:      Will my picture be taken?
A: Photography in nudist parks is very closely controlled. Some parks will not permit it at all.
No one is ever photographed at a club without specific permission in each instance. Children may not be photographed without their consent and that of their parents. Some parks provide photo corners where you can take all the pictures you wish of your own family.

Question 14:      If I visit a nudist park, will I be subject to publicity?
A: Of course not, unless you deliberately seek it out. Privacy is fully respected in nudist parks. People who are known as nudists usually announce it themselves. No park will ever publicize your presence without your explicit permission.

Question 15:      Is it likely my wife would be improperly approached at a nudist park?
A: Of course not. If such a thing were to occur, you’d notify the manager at once.
The offending individual would be ejected and their membership card would be picked up.

Question 16:      Can I expect any real health benefits from nudism?
A: Nudism embraces traditionally healthy activities such as swimming, hiking, volleyball and outdoor living. Mental health is improved by the positive attitudes about self-image, healthy sexuality, relief from stress and just plain relaxation. Benefits specific to nudity may yet be scientifically proven whereby direct sunlight is valuable for all parts of the human body. Doctors have been known to prescribe nudism for skin problems and general well being. Pregnant women benefit from sunlight in the genital area and on their nipples making childbirth and breastfeeding more comfortable. Eyesight is improved by exposure to natural light. The body’s circulation may be improved by the lack of constrictive clothing.