Rental Rates

Rental Rates & Details

Please plan your visits accordingly and allow for appropriate travel time. Families and Couples are always expected to visit together for every visit, especially if you are considering application for membership.

The gate is not open to visitors arriving before 9am or after 7pm during the summer season and we do not accept same day bookings for any visits.

Please call at least one week in advance to arrange your visit. You must confirm the day and time of your arrival with someone by phone for every visit.

Leaving a voice or e-mail does not constitute a confirmation.

If you need to cancel or delay your arrival, please call as soon as you can so we can accommodate others.

Full charges will apply for booked rentals not cancelled with a days notice.
We enjoy your visit when you are expected. Please respect all of our members.

Never just show up at the gate without an appointment and expect to be let in. You will be told to leave.
Thank you for your full cooperation and respect. We look forward to meeting you!

Rental Rates

Regular Day fees:  $35.00 per couple, and $30.00 per single

Affiliation Day Fees (AANR, FCN, etc): $30.00 per couple and $25.00 per single

Camping Fees (associate/ordinary members)

Daily        (without power)     $15.00(with power)     $20.00
Weekly    (without power)     $90.00(with power)    $120.00
Monthly   (without power)    $300.00(with power)    $390.00

Camping Fees – Visitor Couples (includes day fees)

Daily      (without power)       $50.00(with power)      $55.00
Weekly  (without power)     $335.00(with power)    $365.00

Camping Fees – Visitor Singles (includes day fees)

Daily      (without power)       $45.00(with power)      $50.00
Weekly  (without power)     $300.00(with power)    $330.00

Monthly camping is only available to Affiliate members

Monthly  (without power)  $1200.00(with power)  $1290.00

Rental Cabin fees (includes day fees) are as follows:

Small Cabin $85.00/night$460.00/week$1750.00/month
 Large Cabin$105.00/night$495.00/week$2450.00?month

All fees are subject to the 5% Goods & Services Tax (GST) where applicable


Many members find that over-nighting at Helios provides more than just a
convenient extension of a relaxing visit.
Waking up to a peaceful Helios morning feels refreshing and the warm rising sun seems
to melt away yesterday’s burdens and vaporize tomorrow’s concerns.
Depending upon one’s comfort / budget / privacy, there are many modes
of sleeping over to enjoy a more complete getaway.


Please call ahead to book your tenting site.


Level parking for small to medium self contained vehicles.
Owners of large RV’s should call ahead to check for
accessibility and availability of sites.
Electrical hook ups ( $5.00 / night ) are available on a first come, first serve basis.

After your allowable visits, we hope that you consider applying to become a member of Helios by selecting a membership option that best suits your needs and fill out the membership application form.